Richard DuBois lives in East Nashville. He's been there for a long time. He's originally from Walden, NY. It's a farm town, but a circus lives there now.

Actually, he was born in Brooklyn. When he was just a babe, his parents used to go to the Village, where something cool was always happening, but things fell apart as they often do. So he packed up his wee little suitcase and moved upstate to the suburbs, the country. The only cool things happening there were on TV. Well, growing up was cool too. He played in lots of bands when he was a kid and got kicked out a lot too.

Then he moved to Tennessee. He formed a band in the '80’s called Shamalam. They didn't mean to be a punk band. They just were. Shamalam was a local favorite, especially to bartenders and local radio. After a while he met a girl. And another girl…eventually he fell in love with a girl and followed her to Massachusetts where he started another band called The Snakecharmers.

Lots of barroom rockabilly and garage punk ensued. After his soon-to-be wife graduated, Richard kissed his career as a pizza delivery boy goodbye and came on back to East Nashville, where he formed The Velvet Tremblers, another favorite of bartenders around town.

After some time off, Richard grew tired of rocking out alone in his living room wearing only his boxers, so he and some mutual buds formed a rough little combo called The Forget-Me-Nots. Not only did the bartenders like them, but civilians did too.

Richard has stopped giving band names to his projects. It’s always the same old story. Richard sings and breaks guitar strings while great musicians help make sense of it all. It's Rock and Roll; gritty, poppy, soulful, edgy, and melodic Rock and Roll.

Okay, but what does Richard’s music sound like? Well, Richard says he owes a great debt to both Elvises, both Heartbreakers, and two out of three Hanks. Jim Ridley of the Nashville Scene says, “Richard DuBois connects the dots between Eddie Cochran and Paul Westerberg.” And over the years, at least eight people have said that Richard’s music sounds something like Tom Petty meets the Replacements and the Stones. What do you think? Check out the tunes...